Meditation on the Second Luminous Mystery Wedding at Cana
(When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no wine.”  And Jesus said to her, “Woman, how does your concern affect me?  My hour has not yet come.”  His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.”)  Jn 2, 3-5  The headwaiter in the first painting gives a big smile after tasting the water changed into wine.  (The headwaiter called the bridegroom and said to him, “Everyone serves good wine first, and than when people have drunk freely, an inferior one; but you have kept the good wine until now.”)  Jn 2, 9-10  A word from Jesus changed an embarrassment to the wedding feast into joy.  The second painting is asking you to pray for families suffering from abortion, grief and contraception.  Mary Jo Lauer 2-4-2007 my mother a democratic, who raised eight children and led them to the love of Jesus, is asking “pray for us.”  My Aunt Suzie passed away before my mother and is also asking for prayers for all the souls in purgatory.  Mom helped take care of her sister Suzie who had cerebral palsy and was deaf.  Suzie loved going to mass and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. 
Problems like running out of wine and pro-abortion mothers shall be turned into opportunities to show the glory of Jesus, with faith, prayers and doing whatever Jesus tells you.  When Jesus walked into the wedding feast he could see that the wine would run out and embarrassment would occur.  Jesus could have fixed the problem of wine shortage before it occurred and the record of the first public miracle would have never happened.  And the beautiful words from Mary would have never been written in the Gospel “Do whatever he tells you.”  Mary Jo my mother taught her eight children how to pray the rosary and prayed with them before falling into the misguided compassion of abortion rights.  No one has the right to take the life of their child or of any innocent person.  One reason I became a pro-life artist was to help my mother turn away from her most grieves error.  With prayer, love and faith, problem pregnancies can be changed into opportunities to show the glory of Jesus.   
Much like Saint Rita I am glad and sad my mother did not live to see the election of pro-abortion Obama.  On 1-20-1859 the abominations of the black overseer was crueler than the white overseer.  One hundred and fifty years later the pain of more slavery to contraception and abortion hovers over our nation and world.  Babies aborted would have stimulated our weak and flat economy.  If you sow abortion to our market you shall reap market death.  One middle class baby would have stimulated the economy with about 1.5 million dollars.  A baby girl with fertility would be way above a trillion dollars in taxable income.  If the I.R.S could see with God’s eyes for one minute they would realize the horrible expense of abortion and contraception in lost tax revenue.  What would happen to your economy if over night 51,000,000 Americans disappeared?  One out of six American workers, students, babies, tax payers, shoppers and investors would simply disappear.  Our economy would go into a depression as a result of the loss of life.  The abortion rapture has happed over a 36 year span and our economy has suffered and it is global, with over 3,000,000,000 people missing through contraception and abortion.  Thank you father God for helping us see and feel this economic pain of abortion/contraception.
A huge army of stem cells, embryos, zygotes and fetuses who were aborted or contracepted want people responsible for there death to repent of their sins and make restitution and join them in heaven one day.  Dear Jesus please change our sin of contraceping your will into a true love for life and fertility.  Dear Holy Spirit please change air into sweet stem cell Jesus with each breath forever more.  Dear God the Father please help all your children change division into love for children of ; pro-life, pro-abortion, non-catholic, Catholic, born and pre-born through stem cell Jesus communion.  Your aborted and contracepted children desire to hug your contrite heart and soul in heaven. 
Seven stem cells float behind Jesus, Mary and headwaiter in one painting and seven requests for prayers in the other painting, show us how prayers and stem cells are close to God and when you pray, you can bring others close to embryo God.  Dear stem cell God please purify Mary Jo my mother and all other souls who loved or desired to love your creation the best they could.  Dear embryo Jesus may the souls and all the poor souls in purgatory rest in peace.  Dear zygote Mary help us all pray seven days a week for the unification of Catholic and non-catholic with an end to contraception.  Dear fetus Mary we are in need of unified faith to “fight the good fight” for the end of abortion.  Faith in God’s plan shall turn his children away from contraception the root of abortion.  Dear fetus Jesus change our hearts to believe this African proverb “having children is so expensive that only the poor can afford to have them.”  Please pray the rosary daily and meditate on the life of Jesus which will give us all a true love for life.  In the name of embryo Jesus and resurrection Jesus give us wisdom to avoid euthanasia.  If we fail to stop Satan’s army of contraception and abortion, than his army of euthanasia will attack us.  Dear Jesus the victory is yours and all praise to you, we have been spoiled rotten by the god of technology and god of the flesh.  Jesus as you changed water into wine please change our  fear into love of God’s will.

        I have a dream of the saving power of God occurring in 1517, “the breath of life” Gn 2, 7 stem cell Jesus communion was given to God’s starving children who were denied Catholic Eucharist by the Martin Luther movement.  This “umbilical cord” breath of life contained stem cell Jesus Eucharist and adult Mary.  God shall not separate the pre-born Jesus from his mother.  If the Holy Spirit is blessing us with stem cell Jesus communion, than we are either pregnant with stem cell Jesus and/or we’re inside of stem cell God.  In 1917 mother Mary of Fatima recommend monthly confession and receiving the Eucharist body of Christ frequently is so very important in this war against the culture of death and economic depression.  If you are non- Catholic, please enjoy the solid food of the Eucharist through R.C.I.A.  Please pray rosary daily for the end of abortion.  More Rosary art at  2-12-09