Meditation on the Third Luminous Mystery the Preaching of the Kingdom
After John had been arrested, Jesus came to Galilee proclaiming the gospel of God: “This is the time of fulfillment.  The kingdom of (Embryo) God is at hand.  Repent, and believe in the gospel.”  Mark 1, 14-15                    
Dear Jesus, thank you for helping me to write Embryo God, I fear bible translations.  Dear Jesus, thank you for giving your children more good news about stem cell God.  The culture of death and lovers of life have a new and more powerful name for God, to curse or to praise.  Is “in the name of embryo Jesus” greater than or equal to “in the name of Jesus”?  The passion and death of Jesus shows his great love for his enemies and friends.  I believe Jesus would love to be addressed as; stem cell Jesus, embryo Jesus, fetus Jesus or pre-born Jesus and help his children lift up the lowly stem cell who have no rights.  I believe the name of unborn God shall lead our friends in Christ away from contraception, sterilization on, euthanasia, abortion and homosexuality.  When my Mom and Dad had grandchildren they gladly accepted the new name, the first grandchild started calling them which was Nanny and Pop.  In a short time my parent’s eight children and in-laws began using their new name.  “Whatever you do to the least of my children you do to me” no one is as least as a stem cell.  As Jesus teaches us love our enemies, stem cell Jesus can help us love stem cells and turn away from contraception and sterilization.
Both paintings show embryonic stem cell Jesus next to AD (Latin for in the year of the Lord).  Adult stem cells of Jesus are in the back ground of each painting and painted in different colors.  It has been said if demons were visible they would block out sun light.  We drink water polluted with the hormone used in birth control pills.  Embryo God shall not be out done.  If adult stem cell of Jesus were allowed to shine we would be blinded by their light.  Adult stem cells of Jesus die but like the body of Christ they rise after three days.  There must be an unseen food source for non-catholic Christians who have good Holy Spirit ideas, Jesus said “unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood there is no life in you.”  Each time the body of Christ is broken during mass adult stem cell become air born and fly into the air as aroma, the smell of fresh baked bread.  Our non-catholic brothers and sister are living on the invisible food of the adult stem cells of Jesus.  We are the body of Christ (baptized) and we all emit adult stem cells of Jesus as we suffer on our white bloodless crosses of our lives.  Adult stem cells of God vastly out number invisible demons and birth (death) control water supply. 
My parents and their three great grandchildren are painted below our first and only child, a miscarriage.  Please pray for the repose of the soul of Bert and Mary Jo Lauer 2007; they were Democratic to the end.  Juliet, Juliet’s mother in-law and Juliet’s mother are all very strong women in prayer.  Juliet’s mother in-law prayed for one son to be a priest, one son to be a bishop and one son to be a pope.  When Juliet was ten years old, her mother began to raise twin grandchildren who were in danger of abortion (the appointment had been made).  Juliet married a bi-polar, Democratic, and fallen; Romeo and the prayer war began.  Two years into the marriage Romeo and Juliet suffered a miscarriage and the suicide of her Father, Juliet bent (broke) down in prayer.  The flesh marriage of Romeo and Juliet never recovered.  Romeo and Juliet were nailed to the cross of marital chastity by the culture of death and mental illness. Woman who are pushed into killing their own flesh (baby) suffer a form of mental illness from the culture of death.  Dear, sweet, loving, Holy Spirit please help me breathe in the very good medicine of Mother Mary and stem cell Jesus communion.   Dear Holy Spirit thank you helping Juliet pray her father and other victims of suicide into heaven with pro-life rosary art.     

       The other painting has two twin towers in memory only.  As we gasp for air the twin towers in New York are hit by the culture of death on the paintings bottom left side.  A face of a lamb is in the flames and the feet of Jesus are nail to the tower as our loved ones suffer and die inside.  Many rescue workers rush to help the body of Christ and give their lives.  The baby nursing was a twin tower for nine months in his mother’s womb.  And the mother receiving the body of Christ was a twin tower during her pregnancy.  MEN we need to protect the twin towers of child in mother before, during and after pregnancy.   MEN we must resist the temptation of killing a tower with sterilization and contraception.  MEN we have fallen into the trap of turning our backs on fetus Jesus.  Our God is a God of abundant life and fertility, not a sterile Death Valley God of sterilization.  Catholic men and women please confess and repent our sins of contraception and sterilization.  Painted to the right of mother with child is embryo Jesus holding the world in his hand.  Embryo Jesus exposition in the monstrance is a dream in my mind.  Eucharistic adoration is open to all and some churches are opened 24 hours.  The church I go for adoration started in 1996, the same year I painted my first pro-life rosary painting, the Annunciation.    Remember as the load bearing surface is impregnated with oil for protection, the body of Christ and God’s children are surrounded by adult stem cells of Jesus.   Ask the Holy Spirit to help you breathe in stem cell Jesus and Mom Mary.  For a full meal of the body of Christ come to (Rite of Initiation of Adults) RICA.