The Eyes of the Godly and Un-Godly”
The eye reflection painting of a Godly person weeps for compassion, as a pre-born fetus holds on tight to her finger.  The tear in her eye will become her road to salvation.  She will leave her job as an abortion assistant and become a pro-life advocate.  Her tears of remorse will lead many couples away from the death camps of abortion.
The eye reflection of an ungodly abortionist moves the fetus head and tells his assistant “Its only tissue what are
you crying about?”  After killing many babies that day the abortionist reflects about the tears of his assistant and begins to feel compassion.  After three strong drinks an evil smile returns to his face and he laughs out loud as he sings a song.
Cut, snip, cut, save the baby seals,
Snip, cut, snip, save the baby puppies.
Cut, snip, cut, save the baby trees,
Snip, cut, snip, kill baby Mary and Jesus.

                     Creative Evolution                                        
Farther God Creator of all good things, please bless your people.
Gene Tabernacle inside of Jesus containing Mary and Holy Spirit genes please bless your children.
Noah please build us an I.C.U.C ark and bless our drowning friends.
Moses please lead your people out of the abortion desert and bless JerUSAlem.
Stem Cell Mary the Immaculate conception please bless your embryo children.
Immaculate Conception Unity Cross Communion (I.C.U.C.C.) please bless America.
Mary at puberty please bless all young women and young men.
Stem Cell God thank you  for blessing the world with faith, hope and love.
Stem Cell Jesus bless America.
Baby God in Mary’s arms bless America.
Twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple bless America.
God changing water into wine bless America.
Last supper Jesus bless America.
Passion God bless America.
Resurrection Jesus bless America.
Holy Spirit of divine inspiration bless America.

  Hold up a small piece of bread and pray "Thank Holy Spirit you for changing the fruit of the earth Mary’s ova into Stem Cell Jesus.
And Thank you Holy Spirit for changing this bread fruit of the world into the Twin Towers of Stem Cell God and Immaculate
Conception.”  Eat the Eucharist and pray that all holy communions contain Stem Cell Jesus at the moment of consumption.
Thank you Stem Cell Jesus March 25th and Baby Jesus Dec. 25th

Stem Cell God bless you

                                                                                                                         B. Michael Lauer  1/31/13