Dear Fr. Frank Pavone of Priest for Life, thank for your priesthood and for defending helpless babies. I painted the mysteries of the rosary, in thanksgiving for a female voice coming from thin air; she prayed the rosary with me on November 6, 1993. I take medication for bipolar which began in 1987 after repenting the mortal sin of fornication and contraception; I was then baptized by the Holy Spirit. Some pro-death people think I am crazy for my activism; I think pro-death souls are crazy for not getting out of the hand basket of non-repentance; which is going to Hell in a hand basket. Fr. Frank you have received the Sorrowful Mysteries original paintings and last year EWTN Eternal Word Television Network was given the Joyful and Luminous Mysteries. My wife and I had one miscarriage in 1990 before the suicide of her father in 1991; with the pain of suicide we stopped having relations. We had relations two times in 2003 after my suicidal thoughts and hospitalization; my wife turned 40 in 2005 and I forced relations in hopes of pregnancy. We have been very blessed with daily mass and monthly confession. My wife blames me for leaving the marriage bed. I am happy to be a slave to the Twin Towers of the Immaculate Conception loving Stem Cell Jesus. My wife Rita Ann is happy to love Mary and Jesus. I continue to pay a price for this artwork and slavery; please forgive me for all this personal information.
This painting is called the "Coronation of the Immaculate Conception". The Immaculate Conception is being crowned by the hand of Father God. This painting is outside of time just like God is outside of time; in our time line Mary was crowned after her Assumption into Heaven, but God is in the present outside of time. On the right of the Immaculate Conception (mother Mary) in this water color painting is the 'true food', of the Eucharist crowned and rising out of the chalice of His precious blood. Pre-born Glorified Jesus said to them, "Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you do not have life within you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day. For My flesh is true food, and My blood is true drink. Jn 6, 53-56 Please pray for lukewarm Catholics who receive 'true food' with the mortal sin of contraception and for non-Catholics who reject RCIA Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The hand of Father God with covenant ring, is crowning Embryo Mary the Immaculate Conception who is pierced by a sword. The child's father and mother were amazed at what was said about Him; and Simeon blessed them and said to Mary His mother, "Behold, this child is destined for the fall and rise of many in Stem Cell Israel, and to be a sign that will be contradicted and you yourself a sword will pierce, so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed." Lk 2, 33-35 Father God's covenant ring reminds us of His first covenant in Genesis to Noah. I, on my part, am about to bring the flood on the earth, to destroy everywhere all creatures in which there is the breath of life; everything on earth shall perish.
But with you I will establish my covenant; you and your sons, your wife and your sons' wives shall go into the ark. Gn 6, 17-18 Dear Holy Spirit in the middle of the painting; we are in need of forced medication ark to help us see the evil of contraception of God's will. Dear Holy Spirit please help us a breathe in the ark medication of the Immaculate Conception loving Stem Cell Jesus. Please look and read about the Immaculate Conception crown at "Meditation on the forth Glorious Mystery: the Assumption of Mary" . One difference in the crown of the Assumption of Mary is the umbilical cord coming from the star of David cross, while this painting shows an umbilical cord coming from the precious blood chalice to the crown; which is the same but different. In the back ground of the "Coronation of the Immaculate Conception" there are many of Mary's stem cell children in heaven who have been aborted by abortifacient; commonly known as 'The Pill'. Failure for not repenting our pro-death voting will harden our hearts; Heaven will become too hellish for us and God will give us the mercy of being condemned. Each day we are given may many opportunities to love the body of Christ and Embryos or reject Stem Cell Jesus and pre-born babies.
I believe our 1990 miscarriage and all pre-born babies are at the thrown of Jesus. Mom Mary and Jesus have supplied grace for your marital celibate love thru Holy Spirit cold fusion. Nuclear cold fusion is a controlled union of two atoms which produces high energy; Holy Spirit cold fusion is different than nuclear cold but in some ways similar. I have high energy upper body movements of the Holy Spirit during the holy mass, office meetings, writing this meditation or touching my wife in bed. Before I was given these upper body movements in 2006; I prayed to the Holy Spirit to help me promote rosary art with a sign of disgrace; I was told over and over by Holy Spirit inspiration "You are feeling the shock and surprise of abortion". Thank you Holy Spirit for these upper body movements and for the very good feeling that follows; you helped me pray for a sign of disgrace to help defend your helpless children. Saint Mary's and Saint Joseph's marital celibate love thru Holy Spirit cold fusion gave the young Jesus a love of long suffering. Your miscarriage Sarah and many others are praying before Gods throne; and asking for the conversion of poor sinners. In 2014 I started to add, find confession and RCIA in all my writings not just a few times as in 2588, 2589 and 2590 below; I pray and hope my writings are not damaging the church, but converting the lukewarm. If a dog is not forced to take a worm pill, he will remain with worms; God loves us more than a dog. Pro-life rosary art has been my hope, family, joy and grace.
2588-Dear Holy Spirit thank you for helping us run with both legs of pro-life non-Catholics and pro-life Catholics; may we fly as one thru RCIA and confession. If you love Stem Cell Jesus feed my sheep, if you love Embryo God, feed my birds with the forced Holy Spirit breath medication of the Twin Towers of the Immaculate Conception loving Pre-born Jesus. 2589-I will bless the Pre-born Lord at all times; His praise shall be ever in my mouth. Let my soul glory in the Stem Cell Lord; the lowly will hear me and be glad. Glorify the Embryo Lord with me; let us together extol His name. Ps 34, 2-4 May we all bless Fetus Jesus with the unity of one pro-life church with confession and RCIA. 2590-Dear Holy Spirit, why do we all need the turbocharger forced breath medication of the Twin Towers of the Immaculate Contraception loving Stem Cell Jesus? Way too many are starving for 'true food' and Catholics become pro-death voters when they mix 'true food' communion with the non-repented mortal sin and mortal sin of contraception. Please find 'true food' thru RCIA and confession. Thank you for reading this meditation. Stem Cell God bless you and yours.
Michael Lauer Be Saint Michael 3137 Hunsinger Ln. Louisville, Ky 40220 Be Saint who is like God? Phone (502) 456-2602 email:
Dear Fr. Frank Pavone of Priest for Life, thank for your priesthood and for defending helpless babies. I painted the mysteries of the rosary, in thanksgiving for a female voice coming from thin air; she prayed the rosary with me on November 6, 1993. Fr. Frank you have received the Sorrowful Mysteries original paintings and last year EWTN Eternal Word Television Network was given the Joyful and Luminous Mysteries. We have been very blessed with daily mass and monthly confession. Please pray for us; our thorn marriage of no children and no relations has been very painful. This artwork keeps me going. Our house of hording is an additional thorn in my side, but Stem Cell God’s grace is sufficient. Fr Pavone please pray with us and with over two billion aborted babies worldwide who are before the thrown of Fetus Jesus; asking for a miracle of repentance. These babies of love and life request that Mom, Dad, pro-death voters and non-voters repent their murders. Babies want to be loved with our vote power.
This watercolor painting is called the "Stem Cell Church Conception". At 3:00 am Mary wakes up on Sunday the first Easter morning and begins to pray to Father God; they are praying for all the souls who rejected Jesus and rejection of the fifth commandment.
The heart of this pro-life rosary artist gives you this dialogue; please pray to the Holy Spirit and meditate on a conversation that is not in the bible. A voice coming from her left shoulder saying "Hail favored one! The Stem Cell Lord is with you." Lk 1, 28 As Mom Mary turns around expecting to see the angel Gabriel; in the light of a full moon, she sees the hand of her son with a stigma; a sign of disgrace. Mary begins to cry as mother and son embrace; Mary looks up and sees Stem Cell Saints moving around Jesus and she asked "who did you bring with you?" Jesus said “These little babies have been murdered and rejected like your son.” Mary said "Dear Jesus, I was praying to your Pro-life Stem Cell Father, for souls who rejected your words and rejected the commandments, before you came." The birth of the church occurred at Pentecost and the stem cell church conception occurred with the embrace of stem cells, Mary and Jesus; who tower above us sinners. The Twin Towers of Mary and Jesus proclaimed in one voice "Repent Satan's call of ' I shall not serve', please repent: lust, masturbation, sterilization, contraception, abortion and all sins; repent the Devils words of 'I shall not serve.' "
In 2006 the Lord and Mom Mary helped me put up a billboard of the Incarnation; showing Mary's ovum (BC) changing into Stem Cell Jesus (AD); a month before the diagnosis of mother Mary Jo colon cancer; my mother was a FDR democrat 1/28/1927-2/4/2007. Embryo God and His mercy are outside of time; please pray that my mother who gave life and raised eight children. Dear Stem Cell Jesus please give the great mercy of purgatory to your spiritual blind brothers, mothers and sisters. The billboard which stayed up until her death was placed two blocks from my parent’s home on Poplar Level Road. My father who was also a FDR democrat, told Rita my wife and I, “that abortion was wrong”, but he continued to vote for abortion murder. My father Bert a WWII Navy Vet died nine months after my mother 5/8/1921-10/28/2007. Both parents signed wills that rejected feeding tubes; my father died of Parkinson’s disease, congestive heart failure and dehydration.
I am glade, I stopped arguing life issues with my parents two years before their deaths and they passed before digging their pro-death voting holes any deeper. Mom and Dad I love you; thank you for life and love, you gave your two miscarriages and eight children.
The following is a list that started as billboard slogans.

00- Mother Mary voted pro-life, SHE IS STILL ALIVE.
01-Don’t make me come down there early.
02-No you can’t take that SNAKE home with us.
03-You did WHAT to your brother Embryo.
04-You’re going to be in time out for EVER.
05-You had your tubes tied, I am going to tie you up.
06-Tube Tie your “satin” bed sheet is spelled with”A” not “I”. Repent Vote Pro-life
07-Please stop terrorizing and killing babies
08-Ask what you can do for stem cell God.
09-Contraception is a grave sin.
10-Mercy, mercy Stem Cell God have mercy.
11-The word made flesh is asking you to vote pro-life.
12-The prejudice of tissue is as ugly as the “N” word.
13-Stem Cell God is our light.
14-There will be a test on thou shall not kill.
15-In Stem Cell God we trust.
16-Smile Stem Cell God inside Mary loves us.
17-Let us make Embryo Jesus in our image, inside Mary.
18-Abortion is Mother against son and Father against daughter.
19-Let my people go! Let my babies live!
20-Are you lazy or crazy stop killing my babies.
21-Stem Cell Jesus is part of the second coming.
22-Only a roasted duck would call babies tissue.
23-Don’t smoke and burn after death.
24-You and I are pregnant with Stem Cell God.
25-We know that all creation is groaning in labor pains even until now; Ro 8, 22
26-You say pro-choice, I say you’re a baby killer.
27- How great thou art Stem Cell God.
28-A void the temptation of one sided compassion.
29-We love Stem Cell Jesus at consumption and conception.
30-Fetus Jesus at your cross, feed us Jesus at your cross. Say three times fast.
31-Contraception equals early term abortion sometimes.
32-“Let us Yahweh, Allah and/or Stem Cell God inside Mary make man embryos in our image.”
33-Man-made sterilized heterosexual and homosexual look the same from here in Heaven.
34-“We know that that all creation is groaning in labor pains” Ro 8, 22 We are pregnant with Stem Cell God.
35-The unborn martyrs are crucified for our sins of contraception.
36-Please attack Satan’s pride with Embryo Jesus and Immaculate Conception communion.
2608- Dear Mom Mary thank you for using force to clean our dirty diaper of the sin contraception God's will. Please forgive us for fighting your love with terrorism, baby killing abortion and fornication. Dear Holy Spirit spouse of Mary, please force us to breathe in the Immaculate Conception loving Stem Cell Jesus. Please enjoy 'true food' with confession and RCIA.
2614-Dear Fetus God help us use same sex marriage laws, to encourage people about same sex contraception worship. Contraception turns love into lust and rejects Stem Cell God's will and turns marriage of opposite sex into marriage of barren same sex. 'Be fertile and multiply'; please stop eating forbidden fruit of we 'shall not serve'. Find RCIA and confession.
2615-See what love the Fetus Farther has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of Stem Cell God. Yet so we are. The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him. 1Jn 3, 1 Many children of Stem Cell God have not repented for baby killing; as they continue to vote pro-death or not vote. Repent in confession and RCIA
Michael Lauer Be Saint Michael 3137 Hunsinger Ln. Louisville, Ky 40220 Be Saint who is like God? Phone (502) 456-2602 email: