Meditation on the Fifth Joyful Mystery:
The Child Jesus in the Temple

(After three days they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions, and all who heard him were astounded at his understanding and his answers. When his parents saw Him, they were astonished, and His mother said to him, “Son, why have you done this to us? Your father and I have been looking for you with great anxiety.” And he said to them, “Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”) Lk 3,46-49 Mary might have thought to herself “Jesus you are the most important person to ever walk the face of the earth and God your Father wants Joseph and I to take care of you. Herod has already killed many innocent babies in his search to kill you. You are my son I love you more than life.” When did you find Jesus?

One good place to find Jesus is by praying before the Eucharist. I found a deeper relationship with Jesus when I prayed a Novena to the Holy Spirit before the Eucharist. I asked God for pro-life art ideas. As God placed a number of pro-life art ideas in my heart, I felt very small. God seemed to say, not to worry about these thoughts, that it was OK if I couldn’t paint them. The Holy Spirit “prompts or speaks to you in language, using your grammar and the words you are familiar with and use daily. These thoughts or promptings that come from the Holy Spirit are so natural that unless you are sensitive to his promptings you could easily ignore them or not recognize them as important.” (Novena address APOSLTES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, 2709 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206.

This painting uses a DNA trail with two gametes to find Jesus. The following painting description is called the “Theory of Creative Evolution”. His divine DNA is shown in the reflection of the Holy Spirit’s eye as two cells. You and I were created in the image of God and his divine DNA is an image that helps us to understand God’s creative power and plan. God has many plans for His human creatures. Many people have rejected God’s plan and have used sterilization and birth control. The genetic blue print (God’s plan) of Jesus is made from his father the Holy Spirit and his mother Mary the Immaculate Conception just as you and I have a genetic blue print from our mothers and fathers. The conception of Jesus, you and I has a third member which is God the Creator Father, we were part of God’s Plan. Dear Father God thank you for making me part of your plan. The spiritual genes (God’s plan) of Mary were with Jesus at the beginning of creation before the Annunciation. After the seventh day of creation God the Father and the Holy Spirit preformed a holy gene splice with two cells. The Holy Trinity divided two cells of Jesus into four parts. Mary the Immaculate Conception genes and Holy Spirit genes were divided by God. The gene tabernacle is painted in the reflection of the Holy Spirit’s eye above the Sacred Heart of Jesus and God the Father is shown assisting.

The blue cells represent the Holy Spirit and the pink cells represent Mary. Our sweet baby boys dress in blue and our lovely baby girls wear pink. One cell of Jesus is pink and blue with brown crosses and the other cell of God is pink and blue with yellow roses. The gene tabernacle (God’s plan) contains one cell half of the Holy Spirit which is shown blue with a brown cross and the other half is blue with a yellow rose. Two Holy Spirit halves are treasured in the gene tabernacle until the two halves came together inside of Mary’s ovum, when Mary said “according to your word”, and the Word became flesh. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit on March 25 and born by the Virgin Mary. Thank you Mother for saying yes to God’s plan.

The other side of the gene tabernacle contains one cell half of Mary which is shown pink with yellow rose and the other cell half of Mary is pink with a brown cross. Two Mary halves are treasured and await the Immaculate Conception of Saint Ann’s ovum. God the Father removed the nucleus of one of Saint Ann’s ovum and replaced it with the gene tabernacle nucleus. Mary conceived without sin and born by Saint Ann. This artist is in union with the Catholic Church in condemning human cloning and stem cell research when embryos are murdered. It is our hope that the Theory of Creative Evolution leads to more respect for God’s plans and life for his pre-born children. Our Mother Mary was conceived immaculately on Dec. 8 and born by Saint Ann. Dear Father God Creator thank you for creating every person, animal, plant, rock and star. We all came from your plans and we rejoice in love for our most wonderful Mother. Dear Mom Mary please help your children realize the gift of parenthood and turn them away from the violence of abortion.


Dear Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus, please change this fruit of the world into Stem Cell Jesus. Hail Stem Cell Jesus, full of love, Mom Mary is with thee; blessed art thou most meek king, and blessed is the DNA of thy nucleus, Mary and Holy Spirit. Holy Jesus King of Salvation, pray for your born and pre-born brothers and sisters, now and at the hour of our death. Dear Jesus of the last supper thank you for changing bread into your body so you could be inside of us and we could be with you. Father God thank you for inspiring your children in the discovery that stem cells are in our bodies and that we began life as a stem cell. Dear Jesus you give us your stem cells, Eucharistic bread, body and blood at each communion thank you!

I remember my science class at catholic elementary school teaching evolution as fact and not as a theory. The gene tabernacle is a theory that came after thirty-nine pro-life paintings and many prayers. Dear Father God bless this world with the faith that you created a beautiful growing (evolving) universe. Many people have evolved (grown) into animals when they preach; “pre-born babies are tissue”, “old people should kill themselves”, “human cloning is the same as animal cloning”, “eagle eggs are more valuable then human embryos” and “love your animals and hate your fetus neighbor.” Dear Jesus please turn this world upside down and led your brothers and sisters to encourage their neighbors to vote pro-life.

It is my hope and prayer that you find love in your heart for Stem Cell God and rejoice with him in heaven forever more. When our people needed to be freed from slavery, God led Moses to be an emancipator. When our people needed defending, God became a great warrior when his people carried the ark into battle. When our people needed a good brother and savior, Jesus became one of us. When our people need to be consoled, Jesus gave us your mother. When your children began killing their children in the womb, Mom Mary gave us Embryo God. Dear Stem Cell Jesus we pray to find value in every human stem cell and embryo as we place your name behind the stem cell. Embryo Mary please bless the World with Faith, Hope and Love.

Thank you for reading, coping and showing this meditation to others. May the hope of Stem Cell Jesus be with you

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